I am a photographer and film maker born and raised in the south of Wales. I picked the craft up after several years of intending to enter into the practical effects industry, but once I started shooting and refining my camera work I just had a gut feeling that I wanted to pursue it as a career. Photography & film has gone on to influence most of my life and given me an interest in composition, light, wind, swell, texture, story, and emotion in everyday life. I am always open to a new piece of inspiration for my work form of the spectacular and the mundane.


One of the biggest focuses in my uncommercial work is the ocean and coastal landscape. The ocean gave me a new appreciative perspective on the surrounding landscape and I've developed a richer body of work based upon that. One of the biggest things it brought to me and my work is waves and with that came surfing which opened a new door for me and gave me some direction and fulfilment earlier in life when my work was more undefined. So for that I will always love the ocean and feel compelled to do what I can as a photographer to raise awareness for keeping it clean. 


Photography became an outlet for me to let my creativity flow in a more productive manor encouraging me to self teach myself from the ground up how to do a lot more than take some pretty pictures.  A lot of my approach to photography continues to develop and evolve through experience which is vast in the multiple fields I've gotten to work in including food, portraiture, surf, charities and much more. I learnt fast with a camera and seemed to already have a unique natural perspective as I had no form of training until I joined SeaAitch where I currently help produce commercial food imagery / videos with Craig Howarth who acts as my mentor in photography and a good friend.

I like experimenting with various forms of photography so I have worked with loads of different pieces of camera equipment and software. It's proved helpful to being adaptable but also lets me expand whats possible with my personal portfolios which I translate over into setting a higher standard for my commercial photography. I found part of my learning was through taking an interest in the older days of photography craft so I have and continue to shoot on a few different film cameras when I can like TLRs and 35mm to mix things up and add more challenge into my work, especially when I've tried shooting less conventional images on film. I took this further by developing my own film by hand and constructing a darkroom in my bedroom when I was 18.

Photography is accessible to almost everyone now with 100s of cameras, smartphones, apps, and drones so it is important to keep pushing forward to create a new standard of photographic quality that is personal & impacting. I am still amazed what you can create with determination and a vision. 


Social media admin for www.Surf-Forecast.com the No.1 forecast site for wave conditions

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