I've been doing 'stupid' and unconventional challenges for charity for the past two years including setting the worlds first record for the most sledge hammer slams in 24 hours. I'm also a professional photographer and a personal trainer. 

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My Story

I grew up obese being a whopping 18st (114.4kg) at my largest when I was 16 years old. I always loved sports playing rugby, boxing, strength training and more but I took a drastic lifestyle overhaul and a commitment to training (almost 6 hours at points) that wasn't far off some professional athletes. I took the hard way to loosing weight, it wasn't pretty (and I'd never prescribe it to anyone else) but It worked and through it a love for sports turned into an obsession and a seed for learning. 

Years went on and I began to develop into my profession as a photographer but all the meanwhile my sporting talents grew as I introduced myself to sports and training techniques like powerlifting, movement training, maces, rock climbing, surfing, and more. I got a lot of first hand experience that would later shape what I do today.


Then the lockdowns hit the world. I took it as an opportunity to put everything I'd learnt to practice with 'The Pen-Y-Fan Tractor Tyre Push' in which I took a 110kg tyre up southern Britain's highest peak for Mental Health Research UK. I learnt an awful lot and the following year (still in lockdown) I trained to set the worlds first record for the most sledgehammer slams in 24 hours by completing a half marathon step count of over 28,000 slams in a brutal 16 1/2 hour slog for The Centre for Humane Technology. 


Roll forward to today where I'm training to complete the worlds first yoke carry 1/2 marathon with a 60kg yoke frame whilst also being an instructor at Brawd, a diverse outdoor adventure gym where I get to put everything I've learnt into helping others through steel maces, movement culture weightlifting and more but the best thing is I'm still learning loads, I'm still doing crazy things for charity and i'm still doing photography.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


IG: TaylorOwenMason