Through the experience of these challenges, overcoming obesity, and an obsession with movement I've built a totally unique, effective, and entertaining approach to staying fit.  

Now I'm offering it to you!

Become Super-Functional

When you enter the gym it's always daunting knowing if you've done things "right" or "covered everything". 

Well that's where I come in. There is far more out there than barbells, dumbbells & treadmills and I've spent the past few years exploring the wider world of fitness from ancient warriors to modern olympians. 

Wooden Hut

Learn Something New

Every session I aim to expand your boundaries whilst keeping the things you love about training. You'll get the opportunity to learn new techniques, ways of moving and using tools you'll probably never see in a commercial gym but have been around long before any dumbbell. 

Been in Your Shoes

Unlike most fitness instructors I grew up very obese. I lost the weight, flipped my lifestyle and learnt first hand what it takes to transform yourself. I won't lie, it isn't super easy but I'll be there to support you!

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