Ido's Squat Challenge

By Ido Portal of Portal movement 

The human body is remarkable. The way it can move and adapt is something to behold but unfortunately it takes a long old time to evolve and whilst this slow process takes place tech was born and grew astronomically faster. Heres the problem we get from this - our body's evolution can't keep up with technology and our new lifestyles. 

This is the problem Ido Portal proposes. We spend a lot of time sat with our legs at angles and supported in ways we simply aren't adapted to yet. If we want to get a better idea of how we moved and spent our time before the modern era was born we simply have to look to our closest relatives, the chimpanzee. 

Chimps spend most of their day in a squatted position, all be it they often have their glutes (butt) on the floor as more of a seated position we can see the amazing flexibility and comfort they display in this position. Whilst chimps and humans do have some anatomical differences it does show us that we would have spent a lot more time squatting before the chair was made and so our body is evolved to use the behaviour a lot. Without it our body may develop problems like backs aches and hip tightness, at least that's the theory I am testing and giving to you as the why behind this challenge. 

30 Minutes squatting a day

The challenge is very simple. Throughout your day gently get down into a nice deep squat and hold it for 30 seconds or more if you wish. Do this through the day until you accumulate 30 minutes of squatting. One of the best ways to do this is to use a stop watch on your phone. Just start it as you squat, hold, pause it as you get up. Keep it on your phone and start stop till you reach 30 minutes. 

Now I suggest that you start lower on 15 - 20 minutes and work your way up. I have a really deep strong squat and I myself started with 15 minutes and built up to 30 minutes over 4 days as not to over stress my body during training for an event. 

Try this for 30 days and you should see improvements to hips flexibility, squat depth, digestive issues, back and neck aches, and more. This is how the body has evolved to spend time. 

I am testing this out myself to see how true it is. I don't expect miracle results but I am already seeing an improvement in squat depth, knee & hip flexibility and some posture improvements during particular exercises just 5 days in.

Remember to go gently in the squat and work to your own pace. Get up gently too by placing the hands on the top of the thighs or even a chair. You will get some aches for the first couple of days but eventually this should subside as your squat improves.


If any severe pain or aches persists or worsen stop the challenge and seek help form a physiotherapist or doctor. 

I am not a health or fitness professional and cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred by practicing this challenge. This challenge was designed by Ido Portal of Portal Movement. I am simply sharing it with you.