Recovery 101

Recover Faster, Stronger

And More Efficiently

In a world where people focus on increasing muscle mass, loosing weight fast and aesthetics I am totally fascinated with recovery and athletic longevity. To recover faster, stronger and more efficiently is to improve the quality and growth of your hard work, to maximise your weight loss from the effort you've already put in and to understand there are no magic pills, this isn't the Matrix. You take one pill down the easy road and end up looping around in circles or you face the facts and take the one that means routine, effort and genuinely hard earned results. 

You must first understand this, there is no substitute to recovering properly from stressing the body than quality rest. Good sleep, a healthy diet, and an optimised training programme form the three essential pillars of recovering well. If you can't follow these then read no more. Get them fixed!... Then come back to up your recovery game. 

Coming when it's ready!

In the near future this page will introduce you to the world of cold exposure, breathwork and much more in an easy to understand guide so you are comfortable to implement them on top of your basic foundation of sleep, diet, and training to enhance the recovery you already have. This will include a library of resources and helpful tutorials on safe application.