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Playerlayer are a UK based athletic wear brand that produce high quality sports kit made from their own recycled fabrics using the most environmentally friendly methods .

They have worked to produce incredible pieces such as their worldwide featured 'Coffee Kit' taking wasted coffee grounds and water bottles to produce a high quality resilient but breathable football jersey. 

As part of PlayerLayer's support of my athletic adventures they're giving you 15% off all your purchases when using the code 'Hammerhthon' at checkout.

PlayerLayer Avatar.jpg

One of my favourites the EcoLayer fleece made from approximately 30 water-bottles recycled out of the ocean!


FaceTheory are a UK based skin and beauty brand based in Sheffield. 

They produce high quality cruelty-free vegan care products for your skin and in my case beard! From essential oils to basic moisturisers they've got you covered. 

With how much time I've spent training outdoors in the rain, wind, snow, and sun all through the lockdowns I've counted on FaceTheory to look after my skin and keep my hands blister free. In partnership with my current challenge they're currently giving you a great 20% off all products with the code 'BBTOM' at checkout. 


One of my go to products the Regina C moisturiser.